‘Creatives’ have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My neighbor was an exquisite artist and he gladly passed on the baton to his lovely daughter. I would awe at their creations because oh well! My very own sketching was nowhere close to  Leonardo Da Vinci’s strokes, but I digress. It should be noted though that creativity is not limited to art,music, poetry or whatever cliché that may have been peddled. So, today I’ll be featuring a long time friend whose absolutely brilliant work is nothing short of breathtaking. Below is a conversation we had sometime back and a peek into his work thus far.

Full name: Justus Ndunda Mutua

When did you discover you could draw: I knew I could draw way back in primary school. Students would request me to do draw them diagrams and cartoons. Teachers would also task me with drawing maps charts and simple graffiti which would later be pinned on the school’s noticeboard.


Did you get any support from family/friends: When I started back in the day,no one supported me much for they saw it as a hobby, but as years went by friends especially in college and campus did. My small brother was also keen on my progress for he is also into art. I can confidently say, I have the full support of my family and friends.


What kind of art have you specialized in: Pencil potraits and handmade cards

Where do you draw your inspiration from: Other people’s art, their themes, choice of material and style.What advice would you give budding artists: I would ask them to work on their skill everyday be it painting drawing and challenge themselves to do it differently so as to sharpen their craft. They should also put their work out there so that it can be seen and criticized as this is one of the best tools in fine tuning their skill set and eventually they’ll see improvement and get better.

How can people reach you: They can get in touch with me through 0726126399 or visit my Facebook page J’s Divine Arworks

Photo credit: Justus Ndunda Mutua.

Feature image courtesy of http://margarettawagacheru.blogspot.co.ke/